December 08, 2019

Daesh militias face major defeat Nangarhar, all areas cleared, remaining under pursuit

Daesh militias face major defeat Nangarhar, all areas cleared, remaining under pursuit

As is known Daesh is a corrupt group of our times that only considers its own followers as Muslims and excommunicates nearly the entire Muslim Ummah akin to their Khawarij predecessors. This group has caused heavy setbacks to Muslims movements throughout the world, killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims, bombed their bazaars, mosques, educational facilities, shrines and public gatherings and focused all its energies towards Muslim slaughter. This corrupt group sought to ignite the fire of hatred in Afghanistan as in the rest of the Muslim world and were proliferated, supported and equipped by the invaders and its stooge regime with the aim of tarnishing the image of the ongoing sacred Jihad against occupation, slaughtering Muslims, weakening Mujahideen and fueling the fire of sectarianism.

The Islamic Emirate which considers neutering every enemy plot and protecting Jihad, Mujahideen and its Muslims nation an obligation launched operations against this corrupt group from the very onset.

In this series, the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate began decisive and large-scale anti-Daesh operations as part of the ongoing Al-Fath Operations in Nangarhar province on the 20th September 2019.

The operations started from Sherzad up to Achin, covering all 7 districts of Nangarhar where Daeshis were active resulting in all the areas cleared of Daesh militias, the details of which are as follow:

– Sherzad

Lagad Sar, Latta Parkha, Zwandi Sar, Melo, Ari Sar, Sri Tegi, Wout, Tor Kamar, Jandalah, Margha, Rhandoki, Tara, Darwi, Kandwali, Tsapari, Wach Lagad Sar and Lagharh Tsapari areas of Sherzad district were completely liberated from Daesh.


– Khogyani

Wodesar, Zawa, Kodali, Chakaw, Asman Qala, Zawa Tangi, Chinargai, Kama Zawa, Waziro Tangi, Tsapari, Jarh, Mattin, Chirgai Sar, Kachkoli Sar, Bagh China, Ghondaro Sar, Khatrizai, Machine Dara, Miyagan, Mullahyano Killi, Spin Khawra, Mirza Ali Killi, Dam Tega, Korham, Tsamtsi, Ghar Najali, Anar Mena, Wach Lagad, Sikandara, Godara, Ibrahim, Taram, Shkarzan Sar, Pango Chum and Ghwarha Tserhi areas of Khogyani district were completely liberated from Daesh.


– Pachir Agam

Agam Tangi, Tora Bora, Sulaiman Khelo Tangi, Pachir Tangi, Hazara Naw Tangi, Melo, Markhanhi, Sali Gul, Ziyarat Sar, Margha, Lwarha Mena and Punkzai areas of Pachir Agam district were completely liberated from Daesh.


– Haska Mena

Sheikhabad, Tor Khani, Awghar Tangi, Machi Kandow and Kasi areas of Haska Mena (Deh Bala) district were completely liberated from Daesh.


– Kot

Kasona, Kot Tangi and Kharhkai areas of Kot district were completely liberated from Daesh.


– Spin Ghar

Kharwa, Mamand Tangi and Khwarh areas of Spin Ghar district were completely liberated from Daesh.


– Achin

Pesha, Takhti and Bagh Dara areas of Achin district which were the last bastions of Daesh were also completely cleared of Daesh with the Help of Allah (SwT).


The expulsion of Daeshi militias from these areas of the mentioned districts with the Help of Allah (SwT) resulted in Nangarhar completely delivered from Daesh militias and also the destruction of their last strongholds.

These decisive operations resulted in the death of 193 Daesh elements including key commanders while 130 others were wounded along with hundreds of unit heavy and light weaponry and a huge amount ammunition, horses, mules, vehicles and motorbikes seized.

By the end of these operations, 542 Daeshis accompanied by women and children that had taken Takhto area of Achin district as their last stand joined up with the Kabul administration.

Kabul administration APCs entered the area in the dead of night and rescued the remaining Daeshis and their families from the siege of Mujahideen.

The Islamic Emirate dealt a heavy blow to Daesh group in Nangarhar province and rescued the oppressed people of Nangarhar from this scourge, and all praise belong to Allah.

From the time the Daesh scourge reared its head in Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate launched efforts for its eradication and over the course of the last five years, they were systematically uprooted from Helmand, Zabul, Paktika, Ghor, Jowzjan and now Nangarhar and Kunar provinces and the nation shielded from its corruption.

The anti-Daesh operations were launched by the Islamic Emirate as the American invaders and the military and intelligence organs of the Kabul administration strongly backed Daesh, bombed positions of Islamic Emirate in support, aided Daesh militias with weapons and equipment and sent their aircrafts and helicopters on rescue missions during critical times and sieges.


Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

20/11/1441 Hijri Lunar

26/08/1398 Hijri Solar                   17/11/2019 Gregorian

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