December 14, 2019

8 killed, 4 injured in Nangarhar province

8 killed, 4 injured in Nangarhar province

 NANGARHAR, Nov. 13 – Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate targeted a post belonging to the local militia in Bati Kot district of eastern Nangarhar province on Tuesday night, setting off a violent fighting with the enemy in which 3 Arbakis including a commander were killed and 4 more were injured.

Shortly afterwards, Mujahideen fought off the reinforcements call in to repel Mujahideen in which 4 more enemy personnel were killed and a tank was destroyed.

In another report from Nangarhar, an officer was shot and killed in a targeted attack in Jalalabad city, the capital of Nangarhar province last night.

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