December 08, 2019

NATO members should accept realities

NATO members should accept realities

Eighteen years have passed since NATO member states have been occupying Afghanistan in tandem with the United States. Afghanistan has transformed into an complicated affair for them as they convene annual conferences and hold detailed discussion for a pathway towards the successful implementation of their occupation.

In this same cyclic and vain effort, the defense ministers of NATO member states convened yet another conference on the 27th October 2019 in the capital of Belgium, Brussels, and again assessed chances of success in their repetitive and contentless discussions. In the end, the media was presented with the same joint statement broadcasted over the past eighteen years that has yet to have any practical impact.

As the military intervention in our homeland has failed over the course of eighteen years and all strategies, conferences and commitments to retrieve a defeat have proven futile, this raises an important question as to how long are NATO members willing to repeat failed experiments and continue to lie to their nations about their military intervention in Afghanistan?

After a very long-drawn-out experience, every individual with sound intellect understands that foreign military success in Afghanistan is impossible due to the simple fact that the entire Afghan nation opposes it – a nation with a rich history of rejecting foreign occupations. Therefore, it would be much better suited that the invaders revise their strategy and through away the idea of military success from their minds.

If NATO member states truly do wish to extract themselves from this complex eighteen-year quagmire then they must do today what they intend to do tomorrow. It is an irrefutable fact that they cannot ever achieve enduring success in Afghanistan hence, to prevent the further loss of life and treasure of their citizens they must immediately end their interference in our homeland and leave our freedom-loving people to carve their own destiny.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on NATO member states to meticulously study the situation in Afghanistan and subsequently accept those realities. The solution to this problem cannot be found in recurrent conferences but the sole solution lies in a clear-eyed approach and learning from eighteen years of mistakes.

The stooge Kabul administration which sees guarantees of its existence in the partnership commitments of NATO must understand that no one in this land has ever tasted success and honor through others. There was a time that Shah Shuja had the support of a vast British Empire and Babrak Karmal was backed by the Warsaw Pact but the fate of both Shah Shuja and Karmal was defeat and humiliation. Hence, they should not seek comfort in foreign powers.

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