November 15, 2019

Shaky positions of a shaky regime

Shaky positions of a shaky regime
As part of its visits to regional countries, a 12-member delegation of the Islamic Emirate visited Pakistan under the leadership of Al-Haj Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar following an official invitation. The delegation exchanged thoughts on matters such as the establishment of peace, bilateral relations between the two countries and the facilitation of ease for Afghan refugees and traders. In line with its policy of mutual respect, the Islamic Emirate believes in maintaining friendly relations with countries of both the region and world. Occasionally, our representatives make visits to various countries and the visit to Pakistan was in continuation of this series.
Meanwhile, the absolute failure of an administration at Kabul yet again demonstrated its inconsistencies. This quisling administration has been defeated by the Islamic Emirate on both the military and political fronts and has therefore been clinging desperately to attempts at proving the foreign meetings of the Islamic Emirate as pointless. The quislings adopted a strange stance with the Pakistan visit too.
Ashraf Ghani’s spokesman Sediq Sediqqi condemned the visit and the warm welcome received by the Islamic Emirate’s delegation from Pakistani officials was declared a breach of diplomatic propriety. In contrast, the Foreign Ministry spokesman Sibghatullah Ahmadi welcomed the meeting and expressed hope in the resumption of talks with the Americans. Sediqqi, however, later clarified that Ahmadi was merely expressing his personal views, yet the latter insisted that his stance was reflective of the official position of the quisling government. This is but a glimpse of the contradictions that pervade the Kabul administration.
The disunity of the quisling administration’s workers is such that it has rendered them unable to agree upon even publicly stated positions on just one event. How, then, can this faltering administration form a unified and serious negotiation team to hold talks with the Islamic Emirate? The contradictions in the Kabul administration, as made apparent with the Pakistan meeting, have served to strengthen the Islamic Emirate’s constantly stated view that the Kabul administration is unfit to hold negotiations and that the matter ought to be resolved with the Americans first. Following this, talks can be held with various Afghan actors.

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