November 15, 2019

Visit by delegation of Islamic Emirate to Pakistan

Visit by delegation of Islamic Emirate to Pakistan
On October 3, a delegation of the Islamic Emirate under the leadership of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar traveled from Qatar to Pakistan and was welcomed by Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and other senior officials. Both sides agreed that there cannot be a military solution to the Afghan conflict and that war should therefore come to an end with the much awaited establishment of peace.
The Islamic Emirate’s delegation exchanged thoughts with Pakistani officials on such topics as the political and economic relations of both our countries; the health, education and movement of Afghan refugees; and the facilitation of ease for Afghan traders. Pakistani officials provided assurance regarding the aforementioned.
During the previous month, delegations of the Islamic Emirate visited Russia, Iran and China. Here the Islamic Emirate gained opportunities to present its domestic and foreign policies and overall position in meetings with top officials of the host countries. Thoughts were exchanged on topics such as ending the illegal occupation of Afghanistan, establishment of peace and political and economic relations. The mentioned countries supported the Islamic Emirate’s stance and urged for the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan.
Just as the Islamic Emirate has defended and offered endless sacrifice for Afghanistan’s right to independence, Islam and the oppressed Afghan nation in the military arena, it has likewise continued its efforts in the political and diplomatic arenas as well. As a result of the Islamic Emirate’s continuous political efforts, opposition to American occupation has been expressed by neighboring countries, the region and international community at large. The world agrees that the fundamental cause of war and chaos in Afghanistan is American aggression and that it is only with the ending of such aggression that peace can be established. ​

The Islamic Emirate seeks good relations with its neighboring countries, including Pakistan, as well as the international community. It will continue its efforts for peace in Afghanistan and calls on the Afghan people to also continue their ongoing moral and political support for bringing an end to the illegitimate occupation of our country.

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