November 18, 2019

Statement of Islamic Emirate concerning tweet of Donald Trump about negotiations

Statement of Islamic Emirate concerning tweet of Donald Trump about negotiations

We held productive negotiations with the US negotiation team and finalized an agreement. The American team seemed content with the progress up until yesterday as we ended our talks in good atmosphere and both sides began making preparations for the announcement and signing of the agreement.

Intra-Afghan negotiations were scheduled for the 23rd of September following the announcement and signing of the agreement

Regional and international countries and organizations had also shown support for this process.

Now, as President of the United States has announced suspension of negotiations with the Islamic Emirate, this will harm America more than anyone else. It will damage its reputation, unmask its anti-peace policy to the world even more, increase its loss of life and treasure and present its political interactions as erratic.

The Islamic Emirate proved to the world through continuing negotiations that this war has been imposed upon us by others and if talks are given precedence over war, we will follow it through till the end.

Such a reaction towards a single attack just before the signing of an agreement displays lack of composure and experience. This even as attacks by the US and their domestic supporters prior martyred hundreds of Afghans and destroyed their assets.

Invitation of a visit to the United States by President Trump was extended by Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad at the end of August and we had put it off until signing of the agreement.

The Islamic Emirate has a solid and unwavering policy. We called for dialogue twenty years earlier and maintain the same stance today and believe America shall return to this position also.

Our previous eighteen-year resistance should have proven to America that we will accept nothing less than the complete end of occupation and allowing Afghans to decide their own fate. And we shall continue our Jihad for this great cause and maintain our strong belief in ultimate victory, Allah willing.


Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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