November 18, 2019

Kunduz operations: 17 killed, 10 injured 

Kunduz operations: 17 killed, 10 injured 

KUNDUZ, Sep. 6 – As many as 12 puppets were killed and 7 more were wounded when Mujahideen took over two of the enemy posts and a base in Dashti Archi district of northern Kunduz province.

Similarly, Mujahideen seized control of 5 posts from the enemy during an operation in the provincial capital of Kunduz province destroying a tank, causing the enemy fatal losses, whereas the road between Kunduz city and Khanabad remained closed off and a post came under attack along the road in which an enemy soldier was killed

Early today, the center of district of Khanabad, its police headquarters and checkpoints fell to Mujahideen following a large scale operation and the scores of the enemy soldiers suffered casualties, while 4 policemen were killed and 3 more were wounded with a tank destroyed elsewhere in the mentioned district.

In a report from Khanabad district, 2 of the enemy post came under Mujahideen attacks last night in which Mujahideen inflicted on the enemy losses of life and injury.

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