September 19, 2019

Tens of enemy military personnel killed in Kabul martyr operation 

Tens of enemy military personnel killed in Kabul martyr operation 

KABUL, Sep. 3 –  A martyr attack, latest in a series of martyr operations, hit Green village, a heavily secured and fortified sanctuary for the U.S invaders and its allies in Kabul city, the country’s capital on Monday night.


The operation began with a massive explosion when a fearless Mujahid, Mullah Anas Helmandi drove his vehicle filled with explosives and slammed it into the gate.

The blast was powerful enough to blow apart the checkpoints, offices, bed rooms and so on, enabling the team of the martyr attackers to get in.

Of a toll of 5 martyr attackers, Mullah Anas hailing from Helmand province, Mujtaba from Wardak province, Mohamd from Ghazni province, Hafiz Ahmad from Paktia province and Ibrahim from Kabul province, a team of four( Mujtaba, Mohammad, Ahmad and Ibrahim) forced their way into the compound and kept targeting the foreign aggressors, using heavy and small arms fire and hand grenades. The operation extending into the early morning hours of Tuesday.

Casualties inflicted

The Green village, a facility with 1800 rooms consisting of gyms, clubs, pubs, brothels and hotels for the top-level military and political figures, intelligence and killers, is the center of the U.S clandestine activities where overt and covert operations, meetings, contracts and so forth take place.

Last night’s operation came when over 500 foreigners were present in the facility of which dozens suffered fatal casualties within a few hours of the operation.

The casualties inflicted on the foreigners were kept so secret from the media and Kabul administration that even at night no one could be allowed get closer to a distance of several kilometers from the site.

We were kept abducted on the details of the operation by one of our martyr Mujahids through a cellphone and over the Twitter, saying the magnitude of the attack and scope of the losses were far heavier, in particular, that of the first huge explosion by the vehicle which led to the deaths of dozens of the foreigners, leaving many of them were running around screaming for help.

He added, “ Mulllah Anas has just carried out an enormous blast at the gate. We are continuing to wipe out remaining foreigners and most of them are shouting for help and running about in panic, trying desperately to find shelter”

Operation’s aim

Mujahideen conducted yesterday’s night’s operation in retaliation to the fact the U.S aggressors took the Islamic Emirate’s prior concerns for the civilians casualties for its weakness while paying no heed to Mujahideen demands to end bloodshed of the innocent civilians.

Contrarily, the U.S saw inflicting casualties on civilians as a leverage and Mujahideen concerns for civilian casualties as a Mujahideen’s sore point or drawback, further escalating genocide of the innocent defenseless civilians.

That fact that the Islamic Emirate has responsibility to defend its nation, planning to attack on such sensitive points signifies that U.S massacre of defenseless civilians, bombardments of residential areas and mosques, orchards, bazaars and markets do have dire consequences for the enemy and it has to pay the price.

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