November 18, 2019

Withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan in the interest of everyone

Withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan in the interest of everyone

The war of American forces in Afghanistan has now reached eighteen years. This is the longest war in American history. Just as the Afghans have suffered terrible losses, the Americans have also taken great financial and human losses. The Afghan-US war began on the day the American forces invaded Afghanistan, meaning the reason behind war and conflict in Afghanistan is the presence of Americans forces and it will only find an end when American forces leave Afghanistan.

At this very moment negotiations are taking place between the Islamic Emirate and US representatives regarding withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan. The Afghans and most American citizens and politicians are optimist regarding these negotiations. They believe that this ongoing war will come to an end with the withdrawal of American forces and the financial and human toll will also be stopped.

But despite such common optimism, some individuals also hold the opposite view. An example is the war-mongering individuals such as member of US senate Lindsay Graham and those unpopular politicians in Afghanistan who consider their political presence a product of foreign occupation and therefore are vehemently opposed to the departure of American forces.

Those insisting on war by opposing withdrawal of American forces have no ethical or legal justification for their claims and are pursuing their personal interests in the continuation of war. Public discourse labels such individuals as self-serving – those willing to sacrifice common interests and push nations into war, conflict and crisis for their own vested interests.

The Islamic Emirate believes that the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan is not detrimental for any party but is in the interest and for the benefit of everyone. Self-serving and war-mongering individuals must give precedence to the common interests of people and understand the pain of those directly affected by war.

Those who insist upon continuation of American occupation should attentively read the previous eighteen-year situation and also take into consideration optimism and hopes of the common people for negotiations and withdrawal of American forces. As the public has attached hopes to this process, it is obvious that they deem it beneficial for themselves. And those politicians that are opposing this process find themselves in open conflict with the aspirations and hopes of societies.

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