November 17, 2019

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the supposed election process

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the supposed election process

For the past few days the deceiving process of elections has again picked up steam and candidates have launched their election campaigns. The Islamic Emirate declares its stance regarding this issue as such:

– As Afghanistan has been occupied by foreign forces and all affairs of the country are in their control including the funding, management, monitoring and final decision of this process and as foreign embassies in Kabul frequently interject and give instructions, keeping all this in mind, this election process is nothing more than a ploy to deceive the common people because all understand that ultimate decision making power lies with those (foreigners) funding and managing this process and not with the public.


– Our compatriots might remember that the supposed presidential elections were held twice in the year 2014. Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent and the election process dragged on for months yet when the time for the final decision came, the US secretary of state of the time – John Kerry – arrived at Kabul and declared all votes null and void before picking two candidates of his own choosing to run the government.

As the wise say “testing the already tested is an error” therefore our compatriots must not continually fall for these cunning political traps and refrain from participating in such a process where their votes do not actually hold any value.


– The reality remains that the Kabul administration exercises control over a very limited area of Afghanistan and voting will only take place in selected cities but even then, most of the inhabitants will not be participating. On the other hand, negotiations are underway to bring an end to the occupation and arrangements for intra-Afghan understanding are being put into place. Taking into account this distinct situation and the prevailing conditions, these supposed elections are only for satisfying the ego of a limited number of sham politicians, resulting in the waste of time, money and resources.


–  As this upcoming supposed election is also akin to previous misleading processes, the Islamic Emirate shall exert utmost efforts in its prevention. We call on all our fellow countrymen to boycott this process and not partake in any campaign rallies because your participation will only be used as a ruse by the invaders and their hirelings to gain validity. We believe that the nation – like the years past – will neuter this process of the invaders with a complete boycott.


– As campaigns for these theatrical elections are already in full swing and rallies are being organized, the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate will be becoming their barrier. To prevent losses, God forbid, from being incurred by our fellow compatriots, they must stay away from gatherings and rallies that could become potential targets.


– The Islamic Emirate also calls upon foreigners that frequently declare support for this sham process or commit meaningless financial resources to instead dedicate their energies and resources to ending the occupation of Afghanistan and establishing true peace so that genuine service is made for Afghanistan and the ongoing peace process in these critical moments is not sabotaged for a few figures.


– The Islamic Emirate instructs all its Mujahideen to stand against this theatrical and sham of a process to their full capabilities and prevent the enemy from succeeding in their malicious plans.


Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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