December 06, 2019

Report: Conquest of (2) districts in Zabul

Report: Conquest of (2) districts in Zabul

Amid the ongoing Al-Fath Operations, the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate carried out an attack on Seyuri district administrative center and police headquarters on the 15th of May, 2019, during which they managed to conquer both sites.

Similarly, the enemy reinforcements arriving from the capital Qalat were engaged in Boragi area in which 19 gunmen including the Kabul administration appointed Operations Battalion Commander (Qais Helmandwal) were killed and tens of others wounded.

A day prior to the conquest of Seyuri DHQ, the Mujahideen also managed to takeover the district administrative center and Intelligence buildings of Shomolzo district during an armed attack in which 55 enemy gunmen were killed, 10 wounded and the rest forced to flee.

The Mujahideen managed to seize a large amount of weapons and equipment during the conquests of Shomolzo and Seyuri district centers and the latest video report about the operations entitled ‘Conquest of (2) districts in Zabul’ can be downloaded from here.


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