November 14, 2019

Final report: Kabul martyr attack

Final report: Kabul martyr attack

Amid the ongoing Al Fath Operations, an American network named “Counterpart” was brought under a martyrdom attack in Kabul city earlier today.


The attack began at around 12:00pm local time today when a tactical explosion broke the security belt of Counterpart building, paving the way for 3 martyrdom seekers (Hamza Parwani, Huzaifa Kunari and Hafiz Muhammad Kandahari) armed with heavy and light weapons, explosives, inflammable material and explosives vests to enter and begin engaging the remaining foreign invaders and their hirelings.


Following the initial explosion, the Mujahideen entered the building and went from room to room, killing all remaining individuals and setting off a series of targeted explosions.

Enemy Losses:

The said target was under the surveillance of Mujahideen for a very long time. Between 40 to 50 foreign advisors and tens of hirelings were based in the building where they groomed Kabul administration security and other personnel in implementing pro-western objectives.

Today’s attack resulted in tens of foreign invaders and their hirelings killed and wounded. Similarly, enemy reinforcements coming in from the outside were also engaged for 6-hours as a result dozens of other gunmen including high-ranking officers were killed and wounded.


This US network “Counterpart” began its operations in 2013 and was funded by satanic USAID with $70 million budget to implement 5 year pro-occupation projects.

The members of this group included stooges of all levels from Ashraf Ghani to lower-ranking individuals who implemented these projects and played an active role in the election process of the Kabul administration.

This network trained security personnel of the Kabul administration to supposedly strengthen and expand their “capabilities” so just like their foreign masters, they also embrace ruthlessness, murder, oppression and enmity towards Islamic values as well as abhor mosque, madrasa, Mullah and religious scholars.

The ruthless armed forces who know no Islamic and humanitarian limits such as Zero One, Zero Two and others are also a product of these institutions.

On the other hand, this network encouraged and promoted inter-mixing between men and women at the highest levels which has resulted in rampant moral corruption spreading in cities and areas under the control of Kabul administration over the past eighteen years, enmity towards Islamic values expanding and the job of students of this institution was to even challenge Islamic laws and regulations.

The said network funded by USAID was also implemented a program code named ‘Afghan Angel’ that promoted moral corruption and religious deviation in our country.

In short, just as the American forces tried to militarily destroy, damage, push people away from Islam and work for objectives of occupying countries, this institution exerted as much effort to destroy and bankrupt our society spiritually.

The heroic Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate, just as they have committed themselves to combating the transparent enemy in the fields of Jihad and combat, are similarly determined and resolute in eliminating the concealed and intelligence networks of the invaders.

Today despite the talks of hundreds of thousands of security personnel, technology and other ridiculous claims, our martyrdom seekers are able to calmly reach their targets and implement justice of the enemy clearly proves that the nation backs and support their Mujahideen against such institutions.

The strong reactions by the US embassy and other invaders along with their propped up organizations showcases that the enemy sustained immense harm. If it was not the case then our fellow countrymen are witnesses to the silence of these very institutions as tens of civilians are martyred on a daily basis and their mosques, religious seminaries, clinics, bazaars, villages and homes deliberately destroyed with explosives.

Message of Attack:

If the occupying America and her hireling supporters do not desist from their malicious objectives and anti-Islam, anti-Afghan programs, the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate shall seek and implement justice upon them even in their most secure nests, Allah willing.


Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

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