October 21, 2019

Notification of Islamic Emirate concerning upcoming gathering termed Loya Jirga

Notification of Islamic Emirate concerning upcoming gathering termed Loya Jirga

The entire nation is aware that on the 9th of Saur a supposed Loya Jirga will be convened in Kabul as part of exhibitory efforts by the stooges of America in a continuous process of fooling the nation that will merely try to lend legitimacy to the powerless and foreign-imposed administration.

The Islamic Emirate that controls the ongoing anti-occupation Jihad and leads the ranks defending our people and values asks its proud nation, various Afghan sides and political movements to boycott this enemy plot under the name of Jirga and to isolate the hollow Kabul administration even further.

As on the one hand progress is observed in negotiations between the Islamic Emirate and United States and on the other, positive steps taken towards intra-Afghan dialogue therefore a part of the Kabul administration has put into motion a process dubbed ‘Loya Jirga’ to create an obstacle for ending occupation, true peace and security by taking advantage of the emotions of a few oblivious individuals, sabotaging the authentic peace process by declaring red and green lines, trumpeting calls of negotiations and ceasefire with the powerless administration, diverting public attention away from the ongoing tyranny and savagery against fellow civilian countrymen perpetrated by the Kabul administration and its masters and trying to mislead the nation by throwing sand into their eyes.

It is extremely unfortunate that the term Jirga has been utilized multiple times over the past eighteen years to protect colonialist and interventionist objectives and this ancient custom frequently denigrated and used for foreigners.

The Islamic Emirate believes in true Jirgas and dialogue with fellow countrymen; but it also wants to clarify that it considers this Jirga the embodiment of efforts demanded by foreigners, its boycott a national and Islamic responsibility and its participants the enemies of true peace.

The pre-written and pre-determined resolutions – that have already been rejected by the entire Muslim Afghan nation.- will involuntarily be approved by those participating in the said Jirga.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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