August 05, 2021

Fictitious report in the name of a reputable organization

Fictitious report in the name of a reputable organization

The United Nations is recognized as an important and reputable organization internationally. Since nearly all world countries are members of this organization, it therefore carries equal amount burden of credibility, legitimacy and responsibility on its shoulders. It is the demand of this same international status that any report published under its name must be extremely accurate, authentic and based on facts, it must exclude contradictions and speculative judgments and everything has to be relatable to ground realities.

It is very unfortunate however that a recent report published by this organizations related to presence of foreign fighters in Afghanistan and other issues are not grounded in facts. For example, the claim of large number of foreign fighters and their extensive presence throughout Afghanistan has left our compatriots baffled because the Afghans, the natives of this land who view everything first-hand and can discern conditions better than anyone else, are completely aware that there are no foreign fighters currently present in Afghanistan. How is it possible that thousands of foreign fighters maintain presence in Afghanistan according to the UN report yet the residents of this country remain in the dark? The UN report states that they have not carried out any independent investigation for the report rather they have sourced their information from the Kabul administration and other states — an administration which is practically engaged in a war with the Islamic Emirate and other states that seek protraction of war in Afghanistan will surely try to provide false information and exploit the name of United Nations to present a distorted image of the Islamic Emirate to the world.

The report also contains numerous contradictory and false information: the names of a number of departmental chiefs of the Islamic Emirate are incorrect and a provincial governor is listed as killed in one part and as an active governor in another. The report also states that the Shura (Council) structure of Islamic Emirate is taken from the Islamic Emirate website even though such a document has never been published in any website or media outlet. All this proves that the report is composed on the basis of inaccurate and misleading information of the sources.

The Islamic Emirate believes that countries opposed to ending the war in Afghanistan or finding a political solution to our issues have played a key role in preparing this report by abusing the name of the United Nations. We understand full-well that if this nineteen-year imposed war has destroyed our country and clobbered our people, it has also doubled as a source of economic benefit, physical vitalization and political interest of a number of states and organizations. And since their illicit interests lie in the continuation of war in Afghanistan, they will surely try to work towards the preservation of war by introducing the peace process as tenuous and flawed.

But the demand of our people is that as the philosophy behind the creation of the United Nations is to end wars and establish peace throughout the world  and the purpose of the Security Council if to establish security and not concoct justifications for the continuation of war, therefore, this prime opportunity must be used to further the cause of peace so that our persecuted nation may lead a free and dignified life.

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