May 27, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic and our shared responsibilities

The COVID-19 pandemic and our shared responsibilities

From the beginning of the global coronavirus pandemic, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has taken measures to protect the citizens of Afghanistan and help contribute to safeguarding everyone domestically and preventing the spread of virus abroad to other nations. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has enforced strict measures in areas under their control to protect people from the virus.

The Islamic Emirate is aware of the challenges posed by the pandemic because the health system of Afghanistan has been crippled by the corrupt regime and the health facilities are ill-prepared to control its spread. There are many critical areas where the coronavirus can cause disastrous uncontrollable situations like prisons where the virus can lead to grave consequences for the thousands of innocent detainees. Apart from the prisoners, the population in cities and rural areas are also facing a big risk because the public health sector is crippled due to funds and foreign aid money looted by the regime officials.

The current regime is not serious about containing the coronavirus in Afghanistan and merely sees this global pandemic as an opportunity to embezzle more foreign funds. The Islamic Emirate of calls upon all international medical and aid agencies not to neglect Afghanistan and pay attention to the gravity of the situation in our homeland – a country which has been devastated by decades of invasions and their propped up corrupt incompetent regimes. The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate will ensure the safety of all the aid workers in all of Afghanistan.

We have seen how health facilities have come under attack by the Americans and the regime forces with hospitals bombarded, doctors killed and clinics destroyed in many rural areas throughout Afghanistan with little regard for the poor population. In the recent years some 90 medical facilities have been closed due to the risk posed by the bombings of American and regime aircrafts.

Afghanistan is passing through at a critical phase of a peace process and needs emergency aid and medical assistance for at least 2 million people before the coronavirus can spread and pose even greater challenges than currently faced by the Afghans.

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