May 27, 2020

Coronavirus – a global admonitory tribulation

Coronavirus – a global admonitory tribulation

The coronavirus disease has transformed into a serious global challenge for the entire humanity. This virus which was only discovered three months ago continues to spread throughout all continents at a rapid speed as it has not only overwhelmed global economy, health and social life but has affected all sectors in a manner never seen previously. The being which – Allah forbid – considered itself the most intelligent and powerful has now been rattled by such a minute entity that it cannot be even grasped by the naked eye.

Humankind has a long history on this planet but the recent few centuries bears importance because humanity has progressed by leaps and bounds in all facets of life due to scientific discoveries. These discoveries and progress were a special favor of Allah (SwT) upon the people of this time for which they should have shown gratitude. However, as humans are weak by nature they conversely began opposing divine laws as their war against religion reached its peak and the ideologies of atheism and secularism mushroomed.

Even a predominately conservative country like Afghanistan was bombarded with propaganda of atheism with the support of world countries to the extent that it negatively afflicted an entire new generation as efforts were exerted through media, social and a plethora of other programs to indoctrinate them with a secular worldview and replace their religious creed. Those afflicted with the illness of depravity thought their views were upon truth hence the graph of their opposition towards Allah (SwT) increased exponentially with each passing day.

But Allah (SwT) illustrated an instance of His might with such a nanoscopic being which has now even forced the staunchist atheist to take refuge in religion as a last resort.

We must remember that even though coronavirus is an apparent disease however it conveys a vital message to mankind. And that message is that humanity is not everlasting but shall perish; humankind is not powerful but weak; rather the possessor of true power is the Lord Almighty (SwT) who has created and controls the entire universe.

The current tribulation carries a message that humanity which has veered away from Divine laws and its Creator (SwT) must return back to their innate nature and live life as an accountable creature of Allah (SwT) in the bounds prescribed by Him.

Humans distant from Islam must consider this tribulation as time of reflection and change while the Muslims in general must also return back to Allah (SwT) by seeking forgiveness for their sins and renewing their commitment to religious principles. As much as coronavirus is a calamity and plague, it is also an exemplary lesson and an admonitory tribulation.

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