July 13, 2020

Islamic Emirate’s Political Status has the enemy concerned

Islamic Emirate’s Political Status has the enemy concerned

The enemy has tried tirelessly to introduce the Islamic Emirate as a supposed terrorist entity, frighten the world, region and neighboring countries, and used all tools at its disposal to combat it. However the international and regional countries possessing active diplomacy did not listen to the propaganda of the regime and the invaders and restored diplomatic relations with the Islamic Emirate.

In a latest move China, Russia and Pakistan – during a tripartite conference in Moscow – urged the UN Security Council to remove the names of Islamic Emirate’s leadership from sanction and blacklists. The Islamic Emirate welcomes this proposal and reminds the world that the Islamic Emirate is leading a national uprising against foreign invaders. It has neither interfered in the internal affairs of other countries nor will it allow anyone to interfere in our country.

If someone does decide to interfere in internal affairs of Afghanistan, arm and bankroll its Afghan subordinates or intervene militarily, the Islamic Emirate will lead the nation’s resistance against them, will expel them from its homeland and will hand them a humiliating defeat with the help of Allah Almighty.

The aim of the Islamic Emirate is the independence of Afghanistan and establishment of an Islamic government. The Islamic Emirate is a joint home comprising all ethnicities and segments of the Afghan society. There is no room for linguistic, ethnic and other prejudice. Commitment to Islamic values and national interests, wisdom, sincerity and experiences are standards in which the Islamic Emirate believes and based on these standards appoints and demotes individuals in its civilian and military organs.

To save the world and regional countries from falling into the deviated abyss concerning the Islamic Emirate or being misled by the propaganda of the invaders and Kabul regime, the Islamic Emirate must work to expand its diplomatic relations and efforts on international and regional level in order to communicate its cause to the world and clarify its policies.

The military strength, effective diplomacy, political progress and international acceptance of the Islamic Emirate has the enemy very concerned. The invaders and their surrogate regime have exhausted efforts into sidelining the Islamic Emirate on an international level however with military strength, political tact and commitment to greater Islamic and national interests, the Islamic Emirate has shattered the enemy plans and presented itself as a national military and political force both regionally and globally.

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