February 20, 2020

Taliban and genuine efforts to rehabilitate country

Taliban and genuine efforts to rehabilitate country

For a long period now, our countrymen have been hearing news and viewing multimedia reports – via official channels of the Islamic Emirate – of efforts launched throughout the country to restore critical infrastructure. Officials of the Islamic Emirate can even be observed in some videos working hand in hand with fellow workers constructing culverts, small bridges, several kilometer gravel roads, schools, madaris (religious institutions), irrigation canals and medical clinics. On top of this, efforts are also being undertaken in form of conferences to promote education inside the country.

Today we are once again witnessing a visual report of Mujahideen inaugurating the construction of a critical bridge in Loe Manda area of Nad Ali district, scheduled for completion in two months period which should resolved some of the issues faced by locals.

Mujahideen have launched similar redevelopments and educational projects in Kunduz, Baghlan, Paktia, Khost, Nuristan, Ghazni and several other provinces in order to motivate the masses and push them towards the path of self-sufficiency and enlightenment.

Mujahideen have renovated and constructed hundreds of schools throughout the country, have begun work on small community projects and have similarly provided and assured security for NGOs and other aid organizations in order to provide a secure atmosphere for redevelopments projects.

Yes, it is an accepted fact that such small services by the Mujahideen cannot solve all the problems faced by our countrymen however by using all meager means at their disposal to bring about a positive change despite the 24 hours danger of being targeted by drones and enemy cannons shows the compassion they hold for their destitute countrymen and their commitment to helping them develop their war-torn communities.

The Mujahideen never carry out their work for propaganda purposes, rather all their work is carried out with complete sincerity.

If we compare money spent on the war effort by the invaders and their hirelings with their slogans of reconstruction and development, it becomes strikingly evident that had they even spent a fraction of their war budget on development, we would not be in the state that we are today nor would our countrymen had to pay $3 billion in bribes annually.

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