July 13, 2020

Islamic system is in the interest of everyone, even non-Muslims

Islamic system is in the interest of everyone, even non-Muslims

The world is at a crossroads of clash between ideologies, a key component of which is the revival of the forgotten obligation of establishment of an Islamic system. Hot and cold campaigns are being waged in many countries around the globe for the reestablishment of Islam however the non-believers – despite being avowed enemies of one another – have all agreed upon one point in particular, combatting and upholding enmity towards the establishment of an Islamic system or ‘Political Islam’.

A worldwide propaganda effort has taken place and is continuing to confront the threat of Political Islam, a poisonous campaign which has even diluted the minds of many supposed Muslims who have now come to deem western liberal models of governance as the way forward for humanity. However the reality is that an Islamic system is a model which not only challenges all the bigoted western concepts of sovereignty but it also upholds the right of every individual and group without discrimination.

Come let’s look at an example

Just a few days earlier I was watching an investigative program about non-Muslim minorities living in Afghanistan specifically the Sikhs and Hindus. The report investigated their living conditions over the past 40 years and asked several questions.

The report made it impeccably clear that these non-Muslims minorities have suffered a lot over the course of last 40 years under the shade of Communism and Democracy which has forced many families to leave however the only government which had assured their safety and rights was the Islamic Emirate or the Taliban movement, a time when neither their land, property and wealth was usurped nor had anyone dared to raise their hands against them.

According to this research done about Hindu and Sikh minorities in Afghanistan, it was declared that around two hundred and twenty thousand members lived in Afghanistan before the 1979 uprising. However the long dark age of communist rule and subsequent civil war resulted in many Hindus and Sikhs fleeing the country with only about fifteen thousand staying behind.

When the Islamic Emirate came to power, the fifteen thousand Sikhs and Hindus not only remained throughout this period but began to increase in numbers due to the restoration of their rights and prevention of iniquity towards this minority group. However with the onset of the period of democracy chaired by Hamid Karzai, discrimination once again took root and forced this fifteen thousand member minority group into migration and the current number of Sikhs and Hindus living in this country has dropped below two thousand residents.

Hindus and Sikhs complain that their property is still being looted by powerful figures in the current rule of Ashraf Ghani and they have lost all their land in numerous provinces, forcing them to choose the bitter path of fleeing this land. Currently there is only 1350 people who associate with the Sikh and Hindu minority in Afghanistan and even they are looking for a way out as their cemeteries and places of worship have also been seized.

The Hindu and Sikh minority group say that it was only the Islamic system of Taliban which had guaranteed protection of their lives and property; they were not discriminated against in government offices and every right given to a Muslim Afghan was also afforded to them. As for these other governments, they are not only being viewed as easy prey but are also discriminated against and their voices drowned.

The above account should further cement the fact that an Islamic system is the guarantor of peace, protects the honor and rights of every Muslim and is even in the best interest of non-Muslims


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