December 07, 2019

Over 13 killed, 6 tank destroyed in Ghazni 

Over 13 killed, 6 tank destroyed in Ghazni 

GHAZNI, Nov. 29 – An unknown number of the enemy soldiers suffered casualties when Mujahideen fighters shelled the enemy base in Shalgar district of Ghazni province, while an enemy soldier was wounded in a clash with Mujahideen elsewhere in the said district.

In another report, 6 Arbakis were killed when Mujahideen raided an enemy post in Qarabagh district of the province, while a further 5 enemy soldiers were killed with a tank destroyed when Mujahideen fought off the reinforcements called in to pushed back Mujahideen attack.

On Thursday, a roadside bomb blast targeted an enemy tank in Ghazni city, the capital of the province, killing 2 puppets and leaving 3 more wounded.

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