December 07, 2019

American crimes in Afghanistan and responsibility of International Community

American crimes in Afghanistan and responsibility of International Community
When on 7 September US President Donald Trump cancelled negotiations between the Islamic Emirate and the Americans, it was perhaps also decided to escalate the still ongoing attacks against our unarmed civilian population, and that is exactly what occurred. Pentagon figures had revealed that in September 1,110 US attacks took place in Afghanistan, that is around 40 daily. In various parts of our country, American airstrikes began taking the innocent lives of hundreds of civilians, people who had never associated with armed activity. This series of cruelty, as mentioned, is ongoing even as this month draws to a close. Must not the US be held accountable for these unjust strikes or is it proper to scrutinize and condemn only those supposed human rights violations that are committed by non-Westerners?
Of course, American invaders hide behind the facade of targeting the Taliban when conducting such attacks, yet their consistent strikes on civilians reveals another story. The invaders do not suffice only on airstrikes against innocents to satisfy their bloodthirsty urges but also continue their night raids alongside because of which civilian lives are made a misery. With all the aforementioned being a known reality, it is outrageous that no human rights organization or country has expressed worry over these crimes. Neither have they demanded that such strikes be stopped. Is, then, the expressed concern of such organizations and nations for human rights genuine?
It is incredibly foolish for the US and its quisling forces that instead of rethinking their policy of intentionally targeting civilians in an already losing war (thus further alienating the civilian population), they remain adamant to martyr more Afghans. The quislings go to such ridiculous lengths as to even accept the responsibility of US crimes. The least they could do is release a public condemnation of their US masters but unfortunately, security agreements have suppressed any honor they may possess. Such individuals are not the representatives nor rulers and protectors of Afghanistan. If anything, they are Americans with Afghan appearances who will eventually flee westward when confronted with a complete defeat.
US President Trump and his Secretary of Defense had issued multiple threats after cancelling negotiations with the Islamic Emirate, specifically regarding increasing US attacks in Afghanistan in order to exert military pressure on the Taliban with an aim to force them to negotiate on US terms. Trump has clearly to do a lot of homework on Afghanistan and its people to have even contemplated that such methods will work. What is more embarrassing is that even after almost two decades of US soldiers returning from service disabled, Trump wants to continue this series with more youth of his country. Why should these soldiers continue losing life and limb in a war they have clearly lost and are on the wrong side of? Would the patriotism of Trump have him send his own children to Afghanistan or is he bent upon wasting only the sons and daughters of average American families in the graveyard of empires?
According to the UN, 4,313 civilians have been wounded or martyred in Afghanistan during the third quarter of this year. These figures show a 42 percent increase since last year. It is therefore the responsibility of human rights organizations that they raise their voice against war crimes in Afghanistan and take appropriate steps for preventing civilians deaths in this US-imposed war. Let the concern of these organizations regarding human rights violations in Afghanistan go beyond mere speech.

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