November 16, 2019

Who bears responsibility for the Nangarhar massacre?

Who bears responsibility for the Nangarhar massacre?

On the blessed day of Friday as the Muslims gathered to perform the Friday prayer, an attack was carried out by Daeshi militias on common Muslims inside a mosque in Haska Mena district of Nangarhar province which left sixty prayer-goers martyred and dozens wounded.

This horrific crime was perpetrator by ruthless criminals that have been imported to our homeland, nurtured and armed by foreign and domestic elements for the specific objective of pouring fuel onto the raging fire of war and bloodshed and through it, finding excuses for prolonging the occupation.

Our people and the entire world understand that Daesh is not an Afghan phenomenon but was birthed far away from Afghanistan in the Arab world. However, the invaders and their stooges on the brink of defeat imported this evil to Afghanistan so – in their own twisted logic – they could pit them against the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate and other international rivals. Afghans remember well that the Daesh project was launched in Afghanistan with the help and aid of the invaders and the Kabul administration national security council – they were armed via air deliveries, propagated for in the media and allotted large funds for expansion.

As Daesh is a bloodthirsty group and their hands stained with the blood of thousands of innocent Muslims, the Islamic Emirate has initiated efforts for their complete eradication in accordance with their own religious obligation and for the protection of its believing nation. It uprooted this evil from Zabul, Laghman and Jowzjan provinces and is on its last legs in its last bastion of Nangarhar.

In a complete contrast, the Kabul administration has still not ended its support for Daesh as witnessed in both Jowzjan and Kunar provinces. When the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate tightened the siege of Daesh militias, the Kabul administration swiftly dispatched helicopters for their aid and rescue. The root cause of Daesh presence in Nangarhar is also the stooge regime, specifically the arms and funds directly provided by the Chairman of Mishrano Jirga, Fazl Hadi Muslimyar.

Hence, the responsibility of the heinous crime committed in Haska Mena and the criminal attacks on civilian public places and mosques in Kabul and other cities lies squarely on the shoulders of the stooge Kabul regime that continues to cultivate Daeshi mercenaries for their unlawful interests.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – founded on the principle of establishing of justice and defending its believing nation – considers it its sacred religious and Jihadi duty to bring the murderers of its innocent and defenseless people to justice. Those who spill the blood of this oppressed nation for the maturation of their sadistic desires and satanic objectives must clearly be identified by our people and every type of support provided to the Islamic Emirate for its complete eradication.

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