November 14, 2019

Biased reports about civilian casualties

Biased reports about civilian casualties

Since the start of the American invasion in Afghanistan we have seen that every day ordinary Afghan civilians are martyred by the invaders and their slaves. The print and electronic media has been receiving clear instructions from the American invaders that civilians casualties should not be highlighted. Media along with all NGOs funded by the Americans have remained partial when it comes to reporting about civilian casualties.

Afghans civilians have been massacred under different pretexts since the past 18 years yet all the International organisations working under the current US-managed setup are silent. The killings of ordinary civilians by the Americans and their puppets are war crimes and are the worst crimes against humanity that can be committed, violating all norms of war and rules of engagement. The previous American administrations tried to deflect the blame of civilians casualties but the current administration of Donald Trump has set a precedent that even the International Criminal Court members have been threatened and in some cases bared from entering America because of their probes against American war crimes in Afghanistan. The so called champions of human rights and democracy are the ones who have no remorse over the massacres of innocent civilians and on the contrary they are celebrating the killings.

The puppet regime in Kabul has always welcomed the killings of civilians by awarding medals to the failed American Generals and glorifying them on numerous occasions. We have seen how manipulative measures have been adopted when ordinary Afghans are massacred. All these brutal tactics are for pressuring the common Afghans and preventing them from supporting the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Whenever there has been an aerial bombardments whether on funerals, weddings, villages or valleys the invaders and their puppets have used the pretext of targeting the forces of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The Americans have used all their power and might to subdue the common Afghans but to no avail.

UNAMA – The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan has remained biased while releasing its reports about civilian casualties in Afghanistan. In this digital age of social media domination, we have seen that thousands of pictures and videos are readily available showing the crimes of Americans and their puppets. UNAMA and other such organisations have always tried to shift the blame of civilian casualties on the Mujahideen and have been campaigning to acquit America of any wrongdoing. The latest statistical figures by UNAMA are far from reality and an attempt to divert the attention of everyone from the atrocities and war crimes of the American forces in Afghanistan.

All independent international human rights organisations and entities should monitor the war crimes committed in Afghanistan. All the senior officials of the security apparatus of the American invaders and their puppets are war criminals. There is considerable authentic evidence available all over Afghanistan about the killings of civilians by pro regime forces and their American masters.

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