November 16, 2019

Time to leave Afghanistan!!

Time to leave Afghanistan!!
Last week, Trump told a rally that American soldiers have been in Afghanistan for almost 19 years and “it’s time to bring them home.”
Though not so often, this time he was right. The reality is, an American withdrawal would prove beneficial for both America and Afghanistan; both our countries have endured heavy loss due to the US mistake of employing brute force.
Although accurate statistics about the human and financial losses in this unnecessary war are not available, according to one estimate hundreds of thousands of Afghan civilians have been martyred and wounded in the airstrikes, ground operations and raids of the occupiers and their puppets. It is truly a tragedy. Their homes and even public welfare buildings have been destroyed. And according to the invaders’ admission, at least 4000 invading soldiers have been killed while 50,000 have been wounded. The war itself has been extremely costly for the Americans. While there has indeed been a reduction in the number of invading soldiers, America still spends 50 billion dollars annually in Afghanistan.
The US has tried its utmost to attain its objectives in Afghanistan through senseless aggression and war, yet the world is witness to what little it has achieved after almost two decades. The longest war in American history should therefore serve as a lesson for the Americans, in the same way it had for their Soviet and British predecessors – that the Afghans are not a people who tolerate subordination to foreign disbelieving invaders. America may assign its brutal occupation various pretty names but it remains that the current form of American presence in our country is intolerable to the Afghan people and they cannot be stopped from taking up arms in defense of their right to freedom and of their Islamic values.
Good judgement dictates that one must end a war that causes one only loss after loss and attaining success in it is a clear folly. To prolong it can only be an indication of one’s own foolishness. Trump, therefore, ought to remain faithful to the promise he gave to his people. Let him withdraw his forces from Afghanistan and thus restore his country’s reputation. If he decides otherwise, then remember – under the Islamic Emirate’s leadership, the Afghan nation has offered countless historic sacrifices in the ongoing jihad and it shall not hesitate to continue doing so for however long is necessary. We take immense pride in our jihadi struggle and shall continue until we defeat America’s brutal occupation and our Muslim country is governed by an Islamic system.

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