October 19, 2019

5 killed, 12 injured as post seized

5 killed, 12 injured as post seized

 PAKTIA, Oct. 12 – Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate took over an enemy’s combat post based in Urgun district of southeastern Paktika province on Friday, setting off a violent fighting with the enemy inn which 7 puppets were killed, while Mujahideen seized from the enemy 2 Kalashnikov machine guns, 2 M16 machine guns, 1 PK heavy machine guns, 1 RPG rocket an ammo.

Shortly afterwards, Mujahideen engaged the reinforcements called in to push back Mujahideen operation in which 4 puppets were killed and 3 more were wounded with a tank destroyed.

In another report from Paktia, Mujahideen fighters shelled an enemy base in Zirok district of Paktia province on Friday but it is no yet clear if anyone has suffered casualties.

Reports from Paktia province say an Arbaki was killed in a bomb attack in the provincial capital of Paktia province on Friday, while Mujahideen fighters targeted an enemy base in Ahmad Abad district of Paktia province but there is no information on the enemy casualty toll.

Similarly, a policeman got hurt when Mujahideen targeted a check post in Patan district of Paktia province on Friday.

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