December 11, 2019

October 7th Invasion, a historical mistake

October 7th Invasion, a historical mistake

Exactly eighteen years earlier on the 7th October 2001, the United States of America launched an all-out invasion against our sacred homeland Afghanistan, thus beginning a chapter of horrors and the longest war in American history.

The attack on Afghanistan was launched shortly following the September 11th incident. These attacks executed in America with American airplanes were immediately blamed on Afghanistan instead of looking inside and questioning the failure of their own intelligence agencies and investigating the cause and motives behind it. The response of American officials was so hasty and irrational that recently released information suggests that not even five hours had passed since the attacks that the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) declared the perpetrators as fighters trained in Afghanistan.

Just like the irrational reaction in the initial moments, American officials still deal with the incident in an emotional manner. They immediately began threatening the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan with war and began preparations for an imminent attack. As a complete polar-opposite, the Islamic Emirate insisted upon dialogue and reason and asked American officials to resolve their issue through talks. However, the Americans made a historical mistake by militarily invading Afghanistan without properly assessing its consequences.

Eighteen years following the launch of invasion, the majority of American public currently considers invading Afghanistan as a mistake and favor a complete pull out of American forces from this war. America has wasted billions of dollars in Afghanistan, admitted to death of thousands of troops and the maiming and mental disorder of hundreds of thousands more. After the bitter experiences of a long-drawn-out battle, the common American thinking now contends that the offer of peaceful resolution by the Islamic Emirate was correct and that dialogue and negotiations are the only pathway forward to ending this war.

It is a positive development that most American officials currently believe in a peaceful resolution but the small fraction of war-mongering generals and investors still see their profit in war and want the war in Afghanistan to endure and the spilling of blood to continue. That is why they sometimes try to create hurdles for the negotiation process, sometimes level false accusations against the Islamic Emirate and sometimes portray an independent Afghanistan sans occupation a threat to the world.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on the American public, officials, political class and all influential individuals that the time has come to mend this historical mistake, a mistake made eighteen years earlier by their officials on the 7th of October. Correcting the mistake of 7th October can only be achieved by putting an end to the unjustifiable and oppressive occupation of Afghanistan and giving our people an opportunity to live peaceful and free lives like the other nations throughout the globe.


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