November 18, 2019

Statement of Islamic Emirate marking eighteenth year of US invasion of Afghanistan

Statement of Islamic Emirate marking eighteenth year of US invasion of Afghanistan

Eighteen years ago today, America launched an invasion against our homeland (Afghanistan) under flimsy excuses and without any proper justification.

The American invaders used the September incident as a pretext even as it had no relation with Afghanistan nor were any facilities present in Afghanistan where such actions could be organized and executed.

Instead of adopting dialogue and tact or accepting the offer of Islamic Emirate of peacefully resolving the issue, America heedlessly attacked Afghanistan on the 7th of October 2001, initially launching the invasion by air followed by using a few incompetent pseudo-Afghans as ground troops.

The Islamic Emirate also stood against this American invasion in accordance with its national and religious obligation and began Jihad against the aggressors with reliance upon Allah (SwT) and support of its nation.

It has now been eighteen years and the American occupation continues as they kill our people, perpetrate unimaginable horrors through ground and air operations and seek to forcefully impose their corrupt, failed and servile regime upon the Afghans.

But the scope of Jihad and struggle has also expanded the breadth of the country as Afghan sacrifices and heroics oppose the American invaders and their supporters like impregnable walls and neutralize all their schemes, plots, stratagems and military efforts, and all praise belong to Allah (SwT).

Currently, the Afghan war has transformed into an open wound for the Americans. Tens of thousands of their troops have been killed and maimed and billions of dollars spent but they have yet to achieve any of their objectives in Afghanistan.

We and the entire world understand that the occupation of Afghanistan and continuation of war is causing America enormous human and material losses on top of damaging its prestige. It has ended the international political standing of America, extracted the world from a unipolar order and inflicted humiliation upon a great military alliance like NATO.

America herself and specifically her war-mongering circles and generals are responsible for this fiasco as they insist upon war in order to find a market for their military industry and fleece their own citizens under the name of aiding Afghanistan.

The American public shall continue enduring daily harm under these conditions and so will it inflict suffering upon the valiant Muslim Afghan nation.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – in accordance with its rational and principled policy – calls on the American invaders to stop missing out on further opportunities as the past eighteen years, end the futile use of force and power, take sincere steps towards finding a logical pathway forward and safeguard itself from further international ridicule, shame and humiliation.


Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

08/02/1441 Hijri Lunar

15/07/1398 Hijri Solar 07/10/2019 Gregorian

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