December 11, 2019

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding failure of Kabul administration elections

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding failure of Kabul administration elections

The Muslim and Mujahid Afghan nation again showcased that the wishes and occupation of all foreigners are unacceptable to them through the complete boycott and neutralization of machinations of the misleading Kabul administration elections.

Today the stooge Kabul administration held a staged election process to gain false legitimacy but faced failure and rejection by the vast majority of our nation, and all praise belong to Allah.

Barring official government staff, employees and a few misled individuals in a number of cities, this foreign imposed process was rejected and spurned by the masses.

The Islamic Emirate wholeheartedly thanks the entire suffering Muslim nation for positively responding to the call of the Islamic Emirate and for rejecting this conspiracy termed elections, comprehensively supporting their Mujahideen brothers, lending them a helping hand and proving their unbreakable bond.

The failure of the imposed election process clarifies the following points:

1 – Majority of the nation wants an end to the occupation and establishment of a strong Islamic government.

2 – The supposed Afghan individuals involved with the Kabul administration must end self-deception, stop playing with the Islamic beliefs and demands of the nation and quit servitude of foreigners by grasping ground realities.

3 – As independent media and assessment groups also confirmed an extremely low voter turnout therefore the boycott of the Afghan nation must make the occupying side understand that the Afghan nation shall never accept occupation or any foreign imported processes and plots. The pointless expenditures, encouragement and time wasting by foreign invaders in this procedure is not in the interest of any side hence they must come to grips with realities without further hesitation, accept demands of the valiant Afghan nation, end their occupation, leave this nation to its fate and cease all interference in our homeland.

4 – The Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate must express further appreciation of its nation. Today it was this nation that courageously opposed this great enemy plot and safeguarded themselves despite monetary incentives, propaganda, encouragement and other conspiracies. From Badakhshan to Uruzgan, from Herat to Nangarhar and from Kunduz to Balkh and all the way from Kandahar to Paktika, the entire nation unanimously adhered to the request of their Mujahideen brothers and neutralized a grand enemy scheme.


Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

29/01/1441 Hijri Lunar

06/07/1398 Hijri Solar                   28/09/2019 Gregorian

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