December 11, 2019

Musa Qala massacre unmasks criminal face of enemy

Musa Qala massacre unmasks criminal face of enemy

The stooge regime imposed by the criminal American invaders committed yet another war crime by targeting innocent civilians as the poor souls mainly women and children were celebrating a wedding. This is not the first time that a wedding ceremony is hit. During the past 18 years the invaders and their domestic mercenaries have bombed countless mosques, weddings and funerals and the list of these war crimes continues to grow day by day. Whenever they deliberately attack civilians, they try to divert attention by playing the foreign fighter card even as they lack any evidence of foreign fighter presence.

The hypocritical regime leaders hug children in their rallies and events but bomb the same Afghan kids in villages and rural areas of Afghanistan for the supposed security of Washington and New York. Ashraf Ghani and his masters have perpetrated the gravest forms of crimes against humanity in Afghanistan and must be held accountable by ICC and other international justice bodies.

The regime and its American masters only understand the language of brute force. The criminal regime will face justice of the Afghan people and no one will show mercy to the heads of this regime. The American invaders and the regime leaders are behind all the mischief in Afghanistan. The massacre of innocent civilians in Musa Qala will only strengthen the resolve of the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to drive the filthy criminal invaders and their stooges out of Afghanistan.

The end of Ashraf Ghani and his security chiefs will be like of those of the Vietnamese in Saigon. The American military helicopters perched on the US Embassy walls in Kabul will be evacuating their personnel while pushing off slaves like Ashraf Ghani to the wrath of the Afghans.

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