December 14, 2019

Prolonging occupation, exceptional insanity

Prolonging occupation, exceptional insanity
Eighteen years have passed since America illegally occupied Afghanistan, yet there exists no significant achievement by both America and its quisling Kabul administration. Rather, as each day passes the already weak puppet administration deteriorates further while the invaders continue facing constant humiliation. Let the American authorities know that the war still not won after their eighteen years of barbarity is one they will never win, Allah Willing.
In contrast to the terrible conditions faced by the invading and puppet armies, the ongoing jihad under the Islamic Emirate’s leadership is in the strongest of positions to date. According to the enemy’s own admission, the Islamic Emirate controls over half of Afghanistan and this control is gradually expanding. With the Help of Allah (SWT) and support of the Afghan people, the Mujahideen have strengthened further, are obtaining constant victories and have gained valuable battlefield experience.
America wasted billions of dollars on the Afghan war but has yet to achieve its despicable objectives. It has failed in even establishing a stable quisling government which possesses the trust of the general public. American politicians and political analysts have themselves admitted that corruption pervades the Kabul administration and it is a total failure.
This Kabul administration desires that the American war in Afghanistan be prolonged. It does not consider that had war been the solution for America in Afghanistan then Bush and Obama would have succeeded already. However, they failed to obtain victory and were instead burdened with heavy losses of life ad wealth. If American authorities continue insisting on war then it is but great foolishness on their part.
History and experience have made evident that foreign invading powers are destined for nothing but utter devastation in Afghanistan. Whoever insisted on testing its might only received more in humiliation. America should therefore learn lessons from history and refrain from repeating the mistakes of other nations. Let America withdraw all its forces from our country, thereby releasing our people from the immeasurable suffering it has inflicted on them and its own self from heavy losses in both life and wealth. This is the only solution for a now weary and defeated America to untangle itself from a lost war against the Afghan people. Let it save itself while doing so still remains possible.

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