October 19, 2019

Remarks by spokesman of Islamic Emirate concerning hostile report about Mujahideen casualties by BBC

Remarks by spokesman of Islamic Emirate concerning hostile report about Mujahideen casualties by BBC

BBC has published a report claiming that according to their own findings (!!?) Mujahideen have sustained a thousand casualties over a one-week period.

This is the exact propaganda that was initiated by US secretary of state Pompeo and then President Trump while exiting the negotiations process and later picked upon by the Kabul administration security organs in an effort to justify their failures.

BBC is again trying to play the role of a loud speaker for the occupying forces, advance its cold war and twist realities of Afghanistan for the advantage of invaders.

We strongly reject the baseless claims of thousands of Mujahideen casualties over the past week and neither does the enemy nor its auxiliary media have any evidence that could prove such casualties to the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate.

The basis for BBC report is the daily propaganda by the Kabul administration Interior and Defense ministries that accept and consider the murder of civilians including women and children as Mujahideen losses.

Over the past week eight districts (Khwaja Ghar, Yangi Qala, Khanabad, Qala-e-Zal, Dasht-e-Archi, Guzargahi Nur, Anar Dara and Zari) were liberated in Takhar, Kunduz, Baghlan, Farah and Balkh provinces.

Mujahideen entered Kunduz and Farah provincial capitals, overran 107 check posts, 9 large bases and 3 battalions alongside killing, wounding and detaining hundreds of troopers.

Heavy martyrdom attacks were also carried out in Kabul and other provinces.

Despite all this evidence about enemy sustaining great losses, BBC published a propaganda piece claiming thousands of Mujahideen casualties without adhering to journalistic principles of asking and inserting the view of the Islamic Emirate in this report.


Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

17/01/1441 Hijri Lunar

25/06/1398 Hijri Solar                   16/09/2019 Gregorian

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