September 19, 2019

71 killed, 24 injured in northern Afghanistan

71 killed, 24 injured in northern Afghanistan

 KUNDUZ, Sep. 10 – As many as 54 enemy military personnel including army, police and militia have been killed and 24 more wounded in deadly fighting in northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan.

In Kunduz province’s Qala-i-Zal district, Mujahideen have seized control of 7 military unit during an operation lasting 3 days in which at least 37 puppets have killed and 16 more wounded, while  Mujahideen have taken hold of 16 machine guns, 3 M16 riles, 1 heavy machine gun, 1 DShK ( a heavy antiaircraft machine gun), 1 military vehicle and 1 tank.

In the province’s Imam Sahib district, Mujahideen took over from the enemy 1 major army base and 3 units on Sunday night, killing 17 joint enemy military personnel and leaving 8 more wounded. A good deal of arms and ammunition including 9 Kalashnikov machine guns, 1 heavy machine gun and ammo of various kinds of heavy and light arms were taken as spoils of war from the enemy.

In another report from Kunduz, Mujahideen dismantled a military post in the provincial capital of Kunduz province on Monday. The casualty inflicted on the enemy is not determined.

Early Tuesday, Mujahideen dismantled 5 military units and inflicted heavy losses on the enemy military personnel in the provincial capital of Kunduz province while destroying a tank.

Furthermore, 10 Arbakis were killed when Mujahideen attacked the enemy units in Arghanj Khwa district of northern northern Badakhshan province on Monday.

A total of 54 enemy military personnel have been killed in Kunduz province with 10 being killed in Badakhshan province and 7 more in Balkh province, bringing the enemy death toll to 71 over the last 24 hours.

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