November 17, 2019

For every action, there is an opposite reaction

For every action, there is an opposite reaction

Last night, the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate carried out an attack in Kabul city peripheries on a highly fortified site named ‘Green Village’ that mostly houses foreign and domestic military personnel. This area is highly restricted for common Afghans and due to its sensitive and military nature, no ordinary person is allowed to even approach close to the site. But following the attack, some media outlets began circulating reports of civilian casualties and asking that the Taliban stop hitting such targets.

The attack on Green Village is being condemned at a time when the foreign invaders and their domestic hirelings have continued airstrikes, raids and ruthlessly perverted operations against villages, towns and mud homes of ordinary Afghans throughout Afghanistan.

Only in the past couple of days, two bazaars saw complete destruction in Ghazni province alone. On 30th August, combined forces carried out a raid on Changer bazaar located in Gelan district of Ghazni during which 22 shops, a hotel and other buildings of the bazaar were demolished with explosives, over 20 cars and motorbikes were set on fire and tens of millions of Afghani (local currency) in losses were inflicted. A similar attack by foreign invaders and their hirelings was carried out on the main bazaar of Nawa district the very next day during which 2 clinics, 4 hotels, 3 petrol pumps and over 100 shops were set on fire and numerous private vehicles and motorbikes destroyed. These ruthlessly operations are on top of the daily indiscriminate airstrikes that take the lives of civilians in rural and far flung areas of the country.

Those who take issue with targeting a military site such as Green Village must understand that for every action, there is an opposite reaction. It is impossible that foreign and domestic criminals inside Green Village carry out mass slaughter in the villages of Afghanistan but themselves remain secure inside military centers.

This nation is not without leaders and neither is the blood of this defenseless people fair game. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan representing this nation considers it an obligation to ask about the spilling of such blood and bringing the perpetrators of such crimes to justice.

Those who inherently oppose attacks such as on Green Village must foremost stop killers residing inside this and other bases from carrying out ruthless crimes because the only ones affected by their indiscriminate raids, airstrikes and destructive operations are common defenseless Afghans. Such attacks by them cannot change the calculus of the battle in way other than expose their own brutal faces and prove their criminal nature.

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