December 14, 2019

Statement by Health Commission regarding raid on a clinic in Laghman

Statement by Health Commission regarding raid on a clinic in Laghman

On the 28th August, 2019, Kabul administration troops accompanied by foreigners carried out a night raid on a medical clinic (Shamkat Clinic) located in Shamkat area of Alishang district, Laghman province.

Amid this crime, they demolished the old building of this clinic along with the new one under construction and multiple adjacent homes using explosives on top of destroying all medical equipment and ruthlessly martyring 5 innocent civilians.

Such frequency of such crimes by the Americans and internal troops is increasing and health centers throughout the country are deliberately being targeted in raids and airstrikes.

The Health Commission of Islamic Emirate strongly condemns this crime against humanity and earnestly demands that the World Health Organization, medical and humanitarian institutions and organizations inside the country fulfill their responsibilities in condemning, preventing and showing opposition to such inhumane actions.

International humanitarian organizations especially those tied with health sector always insist that all medical facilities have immunity during war and conflict in accordance with accepted international conventions and agreements however health centers have repeatedly been targeted, its workers eliminated and medical equipment destroyed by the Americans and the administration it supports.

Majority of our nation does not have access to medical facilities and those with limited access to clinics are unfortunately becoming targets to such brutalities.


Health Commission of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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