November 18, 2019

US Senator shouldn’t take joy in killing Afghans

US Senator shouldn’t take joy in killing Afghans

At a time when peace talks between the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and representatives of the White House have entered into the 9th round and Donald Trump is preparing to withdraw his forces from Afghanistan, some senators and generals who follow the doctrine of criminal mercenaries such as Black Water are talking about prolonging the stay of US forces in Afghanistan and continuing this unwinnable war for America in Afghanistan.

These war mongering senators and generals should think and reflect on what they are saying. They should listen to Eastern and Western analysts like Trump and reassess their thinking about the war in Afghanistan. There is a saying in Pashto that when an idiot tries to hurt someone, he inflicts double the amount of harm on himself.

A senator by the name of Lindsey Graham has repeatedly requested Donald Trump not to withdraw all his forces from Afghanistan. He argues that Donald Trump should not completely withdraw troops from Afghanistan because the presence of American forces in Afghanistan is important for the security of America.

He has said that he presented his proposal against the withdrawal of all the Americans forces from Afghanistan to the US congress.
Apart from this senator, some American generals have also publicly stated that American forces must stay in Afghanistan and continue the killing Afghans alongside their puppets as they have been doing for the past two decades.

Unfortunately, they have yet to understand that the fire of war in Afghanistan has been kept simmering for the past two decades by them. The Americans have started this fire with the help few traitors who have led them to their deaths and the killings of innocent Afghans.

This kind of unwinnable prolonged war is not beneficial for the Americans – a war where they are losing their military forces and also straining their economy without any significant achievement. The Americans will never gain anything from this war no matter how much they prolong it.

Therefore, senators such as Lindsay Graham and other like-minded generals should not insist upon presence of the American forces in Afghanistan. They must desist from taking joy in the killings of Afghans. They must understand that Afghans are gravely effected by this war and have seen death and destruction of their homes and livelihood but despite such sufferings, they are not tired and will never be tired in the pursuit of freedom and independence.

The reason for this resilience is because Jihad and struggling against tyranny is engraved in the faith and values of Afghans. And this is the reason why a Muslim considers both his life and death in the path of Allah as ultimate victory.

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