November 18, 2019

Reign of Islamic Emirate, prosperity for nation

Reign of Islamic Emirate, prosperity for nation
The Islamic Emirate is a movement that was born from the aspirations and religious devotion of the masses in Afghanistan. This movement has protected the values and interests of Afghanistan and its people; has rescued our nation from the evil, oppression and terror of foreign invaders and their quislings; and conveyed to the world through sacrifices of blood and life that Afghans are not ones to accept the domination of foreign disbelieving powers, as history makes abundantly evident.
Following are listed some successes of the Islamic Emirate, the admission of which is made by the enemy too. The Islamic Emirate:
— Eliminated a system based on corruption.
— Eliminated anarchy.
— Safeguarded the country from becoming divided.
— Safeguarded Afghanistan’s borders.
— Materialized independence.
— Promoted education and established thousands of madrassas and schools.
— Eliminated obscenity and immorality.
— Implemented an Islamic system in Afghanistan.
— Established peace.
— Ensured justice be triumphant.
— Strengthened agreement and unity.
— Brought into work official institutions.
— Designed the present currency notes that were printed during Karzai’s era.
If judgement is formed without bias and with an aim to be just then it can be concluded that no puppet government or organization has delivered success and progress to Afghanistan and its people in the way that the Islamic Emirate has and continues to do so. It is only those few sections of Afghan society that were imposed on Afghanistan with the help of American weapons and dollars whom remain terrified of the Islamic Emirate’s reign. Therefore, with the aid of propaganda they seek, though unsuccessfully, to create a divide between the Islamic Emirate and Afghan public in the hope to extend their rule some more.
The Islamic Emirate foremostly prioritizes delivering freedom and prosperity to its country and oppressed people. The past two decades have been decorated with sacrifices in this path and the struggle will continue until our country is liberated from the clutches of a degenerate people and Shariah is implemented therein. Apart from the spiritual benefits gained from the implementation of an Islamic system, the resulting material benefits are clear too. The above listed benefits serve as only a few examples.

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