September 19, 2019

End of Occupation, Priority of the Nation

End of Occupation, Priority of the Nation

The Islamic Emirate has emerged from within the nation and is a pure popular movement that enjoys full support of the public. It has gone through many ups and downs over last two decades but has never compromised on religion and country. It has always protected Islamic sanctities and its cultural and national interests and its leadership has rendered countless sacrifices in this path.

On the one hand, the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate – with support of Allalh Almighty and backing of its Mujahid nation – have given befitting response to the invaders and their puppets in the battlefields and on the other, they have purged many areas from the enemy through complex assaults and enforced ideal security therein.

If the leaders of Kabul regime really call themselves Afghans then they should end killing Afghans for the interests of the invaders. They must stop their efforts of sparking the flames of enmity among brotherly tribes and communities and allow the Islamic Emirate to create an Islamic, united and sovereign government where people are prosperous and their lives, honor and wealth protected.

The invaders should also quit their stubbornness, withdraw their troops from Afghanistan and let Afghan people form a system of their own choosing in their own country.

The Islamic Emirate is dedicated to safeguarding its homeland, values and national interests and will continues its struggle till the expulsion of the last invader from our sacred land. The most urgent and primary demand of Afghan nation from invading forces is to leave our country as quickly as possible and to end the killing of Afghans and razing their homes. We have not attacked America or Europe, but it is west that has invaded our country and set it on fire.

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