September 21, 2019

19 puppets killed in southern Afghanistan

19 puppets killed in southern Afghanistan

 GHAZNI, Aug. 22 – Early Wednesday a roadside bomb blast tore through an enemy tank in the provincial capital of Ghazni province, killing 5 enemy soldiers aboard the tank, while an enemy soldier was fatally injured in a surprise attack in Ghazni city on Tuesday.

In the province’s Qarabagh district, 4 Arbakis were killed when Mujahideen raided a post in the said district last night, whereas 2 of the enemy tanks were destroyed after coming under rocket fire as Mujahideen engaged the reinforcements called in to repel Mujahideen attack.

Similarly, 1 Arbakis was shot dead while he was standing guard outside a post and 3 more were killed in a clash following an attack on the post in the mentioned district.

Furthermore, 6 enemy military personnel lost their lives in separate attacks by Mujahideen on two of the enemy posts in Khawaja Omari district of Ghazni province on Wednesday night, whereas 3 puppets were killed and 1 got hurt in separate attacks in Dayak district of the province late Wednesday.

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