September 21, 2019

Enemy suffers heavy losses in country’s southeast

Enemy suffers heavy losses in country’s southeast

 PAKTIA, Aug. 20 – Three enemy soldiers suffered injuries when Mujahideen attacked a check post in Ahmad Khel district of Paktia province, while Mujahideen also attacked the enemy posts.

In another report from Paktia, Mujahideen fired missiles into the enemy base in Girda Chiri district of Paktia province on Monday. There is, however, no information on the enemy casualty toll.

In reports from neighboring Khost province, 1 policemen got killed in a surprise attack in Sabri district of Khost province, while Mujahideen attacked the Khost airbase in the provincial capital of Khost province but there is information to confirm the magnitude of the attack and the scope of losses.

Separately, an intelligence employee was badly injured in Mujahideen attack in Spera district of Khost province on Monday.

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