November 22, 2019

Murdering Afghans to protect New York

Murdering Afghans to protect New York

This week in a ceremony behind tall concrete walls, the head of criminal regime in Kabul Ashraf Ghani told the so called National Army officials and soldiers that New York and Washington DC are safe because of their sacrifices.

When we look at the last two decades of war in Afghanistan we will see that Ashraf Ghani is by far the most servile and coward stooge of the American invaders. From signing the Bilateral Agreement to cheering bombing the villages, Ashraf Ghani has done it all for his masters.

During the tenure of Ashraf Ghani more than 48000 thousand slave soldiers of the slave army and police have been killed by the Mujahideen. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan does not want to kill Afghans but those who are standing as shields for the Americans and their allies will perish and the swords of Mujahideen shall show no mercy.

Ashraf Ghani and his like minded people believe that the Americans will stay in Afghanistan and that they will be able to sabotage the peace process by massacring innocent Afghans to pressurize the Mujahideen which is never going to happen. It is clear that the regime can’t fight the Mujahideen in the battlefields hence they have taken to murdering Afghans in rural areas with the sole purpose of instilling fear so that the local population stops supporting the Mujahideen.

The general population of Afghanistan doesn’t trust the regime nor will they be deterred from supporting the Mujahideen because the bond of faith among our people grows stronger with each passing day and the Mujahideen arisen from the people are striving for the cause of Islam and freedom of country from these rented criminals and stooges of the American invaders.

All these elite officials of the regime have dual passports with their families comfortably residing in the country of their sponsor in the West while they are using the local illiterates as canon fodder for their political purposes as per the instructions of the American invaders. This speech of Ashraf Ghani where he openly admitted fighting for the cause of Americans and protecting the Americans is a mark of shame for all those who are working in this slave regime.

The Americans and the regime leadership should know that by killing innocent Afghans, they will only strengthen the resolve of the nation to strive harder to free themselves from occupation and break the backbone of our enemy. The Afghan nation is a nation which has the culture of martyrdom and the genes of Jihad and sacrifice inherited from their forefathers who have fought throughout the history for the cause of Islam and freedom.

The war crimes committed by the criminal regime will not go unpunished and the leadership of regime will be held accountable for their crimes against humanity in Afghanistan. So far the regime has lost thousands and hundreds are perishing from their ranks daily and if they continue to serve as shields for the Americans, their complete annihilation is on the horizon and the time is near when they will be dragged to justice for their crimes and tyranny against the common Afghans and they shall find no helper.

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