October 21, 2019

15 civilians martyred, 12 injured in U.S fresh waves of terror     

15 civilians martyred, 12 injured in U.S fresh waves of terror     

GHAZNI, Aug. 8 – Around 9:00 A.M on Wednesday, missiles fired by U.S a drone hit a passenger car in Gilan district of southern Ghazni province, leaving 5 occupants of the car brutally martyred, while a further 2 civilians were martyred when the strikes from the U.S drones tore through the civilians motorcycles elsewhere in the said district shortly afterwards.

In another report from Ghazni, 2 houses were flattened, 1 vehicle and 10 motorbikes were destroyed in the U.S drone strikes on Tuesday night.

In the province’s Dayak district, an innocent civilians was callously martyred and another 1 was taken captive during a nighttime aggression by the U.S and their minions last night.

In a similar episode, an innocent civilian was martyred in the U.S terrorists’ drone strike in Gilan district of Ghazni province on Wednesday, while 3 civilians were horrifically martyred in the strikes in the mentioned district on Thursday.

In reports from Kapisa province, the civilians have suffered heavy human and material losses in the enemy indiscriminate heavy fires in Tagab district of Kapisa province over the last 10 days.

In Paktika province’s Naka district, 1 civilian was martyred in drone strikes, while 3 civilians were abducted from the homes during a nighttime aggression on Tuesday night.

In a report from eastern Laghman province, 3 civilians were martyred when the combined U.S terrorists and their puppet barged in on the civilians in the middle of the night after blowing up the gates with bombs in Alingar district of the province on Tuesday night.

In another terrorist attack, a 12-year old boy was martyred and 8 more civilians sustained severe injuries when the U.S warplanes bombed out the residential area in Mardian district of northern Jowzjan province on Wednesday.

Reports from Kapisa province state a man and his mother were seriously injured when the U.S aggressors’ drone fired missiles into his house in Alasay district of Kapisa province on Wednesday, whereas a civilian was fatally injured in house was flattened in the U.S airstrikes in Alasay district of Kapisa province on Wednesday evening.

Similarly, a women received life-threatening injuries in drone strikes when three villagers came under airstrikes in the said district.

Sadly, 2 guests, spending a night in the mosque, were forced of the Masjid and outrageously martyred in cold blood by the U.S terrorists and their puppets after they forced an entry into a mosque of village by blowing it with bombs in Sarhowza district of Paktika province on Tuesday night.

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