October 21, 2019

22 killed, 4 injured in country’s north 

22 killed, 4 injured in country’s north 

BALKH, Aug. 8 – A late night by Mujahideen on the base killed 2 puppets in Chamtal district of the northern Balkh province on Wednesday night, while another 2 were wounded with their tank being destroyed in the mentioned district on Wednesday evening.

Elsewhere in the said district, 2 puppets were killed and 3 more were wounded in Mujahideen attacks later on Wednesday.

Also on Wednesday, 4 puppets were killed and 1 got wounded in two separate attacks in Khas Balkh district of northern Balkh province.

In a report from northern Jowzjan province, Mujahideen raided an enemy post in Sheberghan city, the provincial capital of Jowzjan province last night. There is, however, no information on the enemy casualty toll.

Similarly, 12 enemy soldiers were killed in Mujahideen attacks in northern Kunduz, Baghlan, Badakhshan and Bamyan provinces on Wednesday, bringing the death to 19.

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