December 06, 2019

Celebrations of Independence under the shadow of Invasion

Celebrations of Independence under the shadow of Invasion

The double headed regime will spend millions of dollars on Independence Day celebrations at a time when the air and land of Afghanistan are occupied by the invaders and are facing a fierce resistance from the Mujahideen. The regime is spending millions on this occasion to present themselves as if they are independent at a time when the common Afghans see them as slaves of the American invaders.

More than 60% of Afghanistan is living below poverty. The economy is in shambles due to the corrupt and criminal regime in Kabul. Common Afghans feel insecure in government held areas. Unemployment is rampant, the regime warlords are profiting from the war and opium cultivation and their mafias are working for several foreign intelligence agencies and their interests.

Every sane and able Afghan is aware that these celebrations are nothing but a mix of propaganda and rhetoric on the instructions of the American invaders to justify their invasion in which they will never succeed. The security, sovereignty and integrity of Afghanistan means nothing for the slave administration.

What kind of independence is this when these same criminals were cheering the invaders as they were dropping the mother of all bombs in Afghanistan?

The crippled regime is so weak that its head Ashraf Ghani himself admitted on American news channel they would not be able to survive without American support for more than six months. This is a testimony by the head of this quisling administration that they do not have any grassroot support  and will perish under the anger rage of the nation when their masters leave.

Everyday Afghans are being killed under different names by these invaders and their stooges.The invaders have gone to a great lengths and used all power and might at their disposal to subdue the Afghans but all has been in vain. Those occupying ARG should know that their fate will no different than the communist stooges of the USSR who for years killed Afghans but were left to the mercy of the same Afghans after their masters were defeated and forced to withdraw from Afghanistan.

The shameless slaves of invaders will be taken to account for their crimes against Afghans. The day of independence is near when Afghanistan will be freed from warlordism, corruption and intimidation of the installed lackeys of the invaders. The Mujahid Afghan nation will soon be freed and once again the banner of Tawheed will flutter high on the peeks of Pamir and Hindu Kush.

The victory is near by the will of Allah the Almighty and Afghans will have the power to choose, change and respond.

Everyone one should know that the fight which the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is waging is for the dignity, honor and true independence of Afghanistan.

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