December 06, 2019

Politicians should refrain from stubborn politics..!!

Politicians should refrain from stubborn politics..!!
Vice-President Sarwar Danish recently addressed a gathering making clear that he will not sacrifice democracy for peace and will continue to oppose the Islamic Emirate. The quisling declared the worn out Kabul administration as an important success. He said that they shall not sacrifice the achievements obtained after eighteen years of effort and that the Islamic Emirate is not acceptable to them.
Top authority figures within the quisling administration are making statements of this like at such a time when Mike Pompeo suggested that Trump wants a withdrawal of troops before the 2020 presidential elections. For our country’s quislings this means that the US and its allies have now wisely agreed upon the futility of deceptive political games and can see no other way forward but to return Afghanistan to its rightful owners — the Afghan people.
After the invading enemy understood this, it was forced to reach a compromise with the Islamic Emirate and find a respectful escape from the Afghan conflict — though there is little respect in defeat — in accordance with the conditions of the Islamic Emirate. The enemy has been left with no choice but to abandon its unjust occupation of Afghanistan and leave the question of the country’s future to its people.
Despite these glaring realities, the quisling administration has yet to abandon its self-serving political games. It still desires that the government propped up by foreign occupation be strengthened. This is the very government that has achieved little other than making rife murder, theft, immorality, corruption, bribery and other ills in Afghanistan. Aforementioned are the so-called successes of the Kabul administration and indeed this is the rotten democracy they seek so desperately to protect.
The Kabul administration should appreciate that peace and stability is a desperate need of the Afghan people at present and they possess an undeniable right to decide their own future. None has the right to deprive them of this and the Islamic Emirate will certainly not allow anyone to play with the future of the Afghan Muslim people using the cover of such ridiculous excuses as protecting democracy in Afghanistan.
There are some individuals that stand in opposition to peace and Shariah and declare that they will not accept any other system in place of democracy. These individuals need reminding that they themselves are a shameless manifestation of tyrannical occupation and abhorred countrywide. All Afghans welcome peace yet these corrupt elements continue repeating their unwillingness to abandon the rejected quisling administration that was a product of foreign invasion and nourished by the blood of Afghanistan’s civilian population.
As can be seen, the quislings have demonstrated an inability to suppress their love for government positions under foreign occupation even as their nation yearns for peace and freedom. They ought to revise their stance otherwise such lowly aspirations for power will have to be quelled forcefully.

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