December 06, 2019

Martyr attack hits enemy center in Kabul

Martyr attack hits enemy center in Kabul

KABUL, Aug. 07 – Amid the ongoing ‘Al-Fath Operations’ a martyr attack targeted PD6 Police Station and adjacent Recruitment Center in Kabul city at around 09:30 am local time today.

The attack was carried out by a hero of Islamic Emirate, Mullah Jabbar Logari, using an explosive-laden truck that hit the police station of PD6 and adjacent Recruitment Center where around 300 police and army personnel were living and receiving training.

The powerful explosion destroyed the buildings, killing and wounding dozens of gunmen including officers.

The attack took place at a site where civilian movement was not allowed.

This attack was a response to enemy airstrikes, bombings and raids that target civilian homes, mosques, madrasas, clinics and ordinary people across the country.

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