December 06, 2019

To those protecting America’s interests!

To those protecting America’s interests!
The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate have been engaged in executing various well-planned operations against the American and quisling armies. These deadly attacks have rendered the enemy confused and demoralized such that it continues to present conflicting stances regarding each incident. Attacks on the allied enemies in Kabul, Ghazni, Kandahar, Helmand, Logar, Zabul, Paktia, Baghlan, Faryab and other such provinces have demonstrated yet again the Islamic Emirate’s ability to target and eliminate enemy targets at its time of choosing. The attacks have further proven that the enslaved army of Kabul whose oppression against its people continues unabated cannot escape becoming targets for revenge. The Mujahideen in their path to avenge the Afghan nation will ensure that places previously considered secure by the quislings too will become slaughterhouses for them.
The enemy is affected by intense fear given the Mujahideen’s new strategy and successful attacks that have exposed the quislings’ inability to defend their own facilities in Kabul. Gains are being made by the Mujahideen throughout the country with the capturing of large regions and military bases. The Mujahideen also face large numbers of enemy soldiers surrendering weapons while the ones intent on continuing to fight either flee in fear or are simply killed by the Mujahideen. These are common occurrences.
The Islamic Emirate has on repeated occasions conveyed to civilians who are working with America and the quisling administration that they ought to refrain from waging war against Islam and the country; that living a peaceful life is within their best interests; protection of their life and wealth shall be guaranteed; to go forth in defense of our Islamic values; and serve Islam under the Islamic Emirate’s leadership so that their religious obligation is fulfilled and an Islamic system is established in Afghanistan.
The Islamic Emirate once again stresses to the individuals working with America and the enslaved Kabul administration the importance of abandoning their slavery to the enemy and instead aiding the Mujahideen in defending Islam and the country. Together we must save our oppressed people and Muslim country from the foreign disbelieving enemy that has occupied us for almost two decades.

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