December 06, 2019

Elections under occupation!?

Elections under occupation!?

The democratization of Afghanistan under the American invaders has failed and every puppet since the start of invasion has been a failure. Afghanistan is a country which shall only be governed by Shariah because this is the aspiration of a people who have sacrificed millions of sons and daughters and it continues to be the driving force for freedom fighters until this ultimate goal is achieved.

The supposed democracy in Afghanistan is not even democracy when we look at the definition and norms of such a political system.

In Afghanistan the most important pillar of democracy (elections) itself is a big farce. The common people of Afghanistan view elections conducted by the regime with their invading masters as buffoonery. People do not have any trust in the upcoming elections in Afghanistan or the government which comes about at the end because the final decision about whom is installed at the helm rests with the invaders and they pick the best suited candidate to pursue their regional games of shattering the idea of stability ever being established in country or the wider region.

The elections and subsequent administration at the end means the continuation of occupation by America and her allies. The regime is but a subordinate entity of the American invaders and the elections are but a drama. Even the Kabul based former and current officials publicly acknowledge that elections are selections as witnessed in 2014 when the NUG was formed by the direct orders of John Kerry.

This is now an accepted wisdom that elections are a mere ploy of the invaders to install their puppets since their goals are unattainable through use of military force alone. The elections and drama of democracy are to deceive people into believing they have chosen a freely elected leadership in Kabul, a project that can no longer work in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has seen an abysmal administrative performance by subsequent stooge regimes which came into existence through this fraudulent process. The regime is flawed and corruption has seeped into every inch of the supposed government. The American invaders and their puppets will never be allowed to fulfill their evil vision of the un-Islamic governance through formation of stooge regimes via drama and fraudulent selections under the title of a free and fair voting process.

The international community should know that the government formed as a result of such elections will have a grim future and a short life. The result will be the continuance of abysmal governance, failure in development, crippled institutions, corruption and lack of stability and security.

The Afghan nation will not accept such elections nor any installed regime formed as a result of these theatrics.

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