December 06, 2019

Spike in civilian casualties and responsibility of foreigners

Spike in civilian casualties and responsibility of foreigners

Although, invaders claim to have handed over battle duties in Afghanistan to their puppets who conduct night operations in villages under the name of fighting Taliban, indiscriminately bombing and attacking ordinary countrymen, Madrasas, schools, clinics, shops, markets and other general public buildings.

The foreign invaders pretend as they do not contribute in these horrifying crimes against humanity but practically, invaders are in the forefront with their puppets in every crime.

A few days ago enemy bombarded a compound in Dand Shahbuddin area of Baghlan province during which they martyred all seven members of a family including women and children. This was followed by martyring of 9 innocent civilians in Shindand district of Herat province, then attack on a clinic in Tangi area of Daymardad district of Wardak province, then martyring of 4 patients as well as the deliberate martyrdom of 14 villagers in Jaghatu district of Wardak province, then bombardment in Gizab district of Uruzgan province where 35 ordinary countrymen including family members of ex-governor were martyred and recently, bombing of a mosque in Kamal Khel area of Logar city where 15 worshipers were martyred and many similar incidents that have been perpetrated directly by invaders with help of their puppets.

This indicates that invaders have turned to mass killing of the Afghan nation. They pretend as if all these crimes have been carried out by Kabul regime troops but factually American invaders and their Black Water contractors are directly involved in the cold-blooded murder of our defenseless countrymen with support of their domestic puppets.

Foreign invaders should differentiate between war fighters and massacring ordinary civilian, an unforgivable crime against humanity. They can never be freed of this responsibility and history shall hold them accountable for their crimes. The international community, humanitarian organizations and media should raise their voices against the ongoing crimes of invaders and their puppets in Afghanistan and fulfill their obligation of saving lives of defenseless civilians.

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