December 06, 2019

On what support is the Kabul regime relying?

On what support is the Kabul regime relying?
It appears that due to the current political and military scenario Kabul’s quisling officials have been rendered demoralized. They can be seen making desperate attempts to secure some last minute gains but, much to their disappointment, are obtaining nothing.
National Security Adviser of Afghanistan Hamdullah Mohib recently made a speech at a public gathering in Parwan province saying that the peace which threatens their government shall not be accepted. Moving more than his puppet status allows, he further stated that they are prepared to even part ways with America but shall not hand their (non-existent) authority over to anyone. Note that his leader, Ashraf Ghani, had stated in the past that his army would collapse should America pause aid for even a week. However, here the enemy-installed National Security Adviser is seen to oppose his leader’s stance — not unusual as the puppet administration riddled with contradictions — in an attempt to fool the Afghan masses. He disguises his servitude with false patriotism and tries to convince the world that the quisling administration has public support and will survive in the absence of American aid.
The reality is, the Afghan people could never support such an administration whose instructions are provided by foreigners. The US Ambassador to Kabul, John Bass, had said that the US favors a peace deal before elections. If elections take place the US will provide $25 million but candidates should refrain from using government resources to benefit their election campaign. He further stated that the US expects the quislings to respect Afghan law. We ask Hamdullah Mohib, can instructions of such magnitude be issued by anyone other than a master? It is known that US authorities provide you with resources and pay your salaries. Understandably, then you must adhere to its instructions, but you must surely be chastised by your conscience?
Has Hamdullah Mohib considered that this quisling government was forcefully imposed on the Afghan people after toppling the legitimate Islamic Emirate? The current government has constantly harassed and abused the average Afghan civilian since 2001 yet Hamdullah Mohib deceptively suggests it has public support; a nation which has been oppressed in such a horrific manner by the workers of an administration cannot be expected to hold sympathy for the same administration.
The quislings must begin arranging means for their livelihood since it appears that even America has lose all hope in them. You neither have belief in the Help of Allah and nor do you possess such a blessing. Therefore, when you confront your eventual reality of being deprived of support from the Afghan people and abandonment by America, have you considered seriously as to how many days your little strength will allow you remain in Afghanistan?

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