February 23, 2020

Civilians : Sacrificial Lambs of American Drone Strikes

Civilians : Sacrificial Lambs of American Drone Strikes

Unfortunately the foreign occupiers have once again grieved the Afghan nation, their happiness turned to ashes and anguish.

The occupiers have once again revealed their cruel and wanton face with the murder of women and children. This latest attack came in the form of a drone strike in Nangarhar’s Achin district. The drone strike hit Achin’s Shadal Bazaar and killed or injured 27 civilians.

It is customary in Afghanistan that once a Muslim performs the religious pilgrimage of Haj and returns home, his friends and family hold a ceremonious gathering to celebrate his pilgrimage. It was one such gathering that was targeted in this so-called precision strike.

The Kabul regime accepts this killing of civilians but has so far failed to condemn the strike and respond regarding the perpetrators.

Recent weeks have witnessed a spike in the killing of civilians as a result of foreign aerial strikes and night raids. These strikes and the resulting civilian loss is not limited to a particular province or region but is happening all across the country. Yet despite the victims attempts neither the regime nor the so-called humanitarian missions have so far condemned this reckless killing.

The media – which religiously and routinely propagate civilian losses by the Taliban – have also remained tight-lipped in this instance.

Below we have provided a brief glimpse of some of civilian losses caused by the foreign occupiers –

On 7 April a drone strike killed 19 civilians including tribal elders in Paktika’s Gomal district. According to eye witnesses the victims were being driven in 3 motor vehicles in order to mediate a dispute between two tribes when they were hit.

On the same day another drone strike targeted a respected scholar – Maulawi Abdul Salam – and spiritual leader Pir Qamaruddin as well as 3 other civilians who were traveling in a vehicle in Nangarhar’s Pachir Agam district.

On 7 May a drone strike killed two civilians in Kalankichi area of Kandahar’s Maiwand district.

On 11 June a drone strike killed 11 civilians in Sipandokach area located between Logar’s Azra district and Nangarhar’s Hisarak district. Regime MP for Azra district has stated that the strike killed both civilians and Taliban fighters.

On 12 August a drone strike killed 13 civilians in Minary village located in Paktika’s Khushamand district. The strike hit Dr Wreshman and all victims were members of his family.

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